Introducing the VO Pro Series. By Rachel Fulginiti

In any business networking is important, but doubly so in entertainment and the performing arts. How many times have we heard “It’s who you know”? And in truth it really is, to a large extent. The industry is so vast, with relatively few jobs for a huge number of actors. People tend to prefer hiring someone they know. It is imperative that you stand out in some way so that you are remembered. How does one do that?

You do great auditions. You show up prepared and on time when you book a job. You’re fun to work with, not to mention super skilled. But what is missing? What will take you to the next level?

You need to make personal connections. If you do what everyone else does and nothing more, you will get pretty much what everyone else gets. A decent career with several cool bookings in a year and lots of smaller ones, and you’ll get by the way you always do. But if you’re truly committed to consciously growing your career, you need to challenge yourself and go the extra mile.

One of the ways we’re privileged to do that here in Los Angeles is by taking workshops with highly regarded industry professionals. It’s important that the workshops are filled with competitive talent, as the overall level of the group can either elevate or diminish the reputation of it’s participants in the eyes of the director. Lack of skill or professionalism from even one person can spoil the experience for everybody. Conversely, if the overall level of the group is high, it makes everyone look good.

Another benefit that’s not to be overlooked is the actual knowledge and expertise you get from working with a decision maker that you would never normally have access to. These individuals are leaders in the industry and have an incredible amount of knowledge to impart. The insight and perspective they bring, not to mention practical tips as well as personal likes and dislikes are invaluable. Being directed by them, listening to them coach others and being able to ask them questions is most certainly an advantage to your career.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer this experience to you through the new VO Pro Series at The Deyan Institute. The series is only open to working voice actors with at least two years of experience and agent representation. The first round of guest directors is a truly stellar line-up.

To view the calendar and sign up, click here. There are so many exciting new things happening at Deyan Institute; be sure to sign up for this blog so you don’t miss a thing!

Rachel Fulginiti is a voice actor, audiobook narrator and blogger living in Los Angeles. She’s represented by William Morris Endeavor and has voiced for hundreds of brands including McDonalds, Fox, Kia, Apple and Target. Her blog posts for the Deyan Institute appear the first Monday of every month.

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